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Before you spend the money, you have to earn it. There are two money-earning times to think about:

Now — How will you earn money as a teen?

Later — How will you earn money as an adult?

If you’re not even 16 years old yet, what type of job can you get?

You can earn extra money by:

What does the law say about working?

According to the Department of Labor you are allowed to work. But your age and whether it’s during the school year determine how many hours each week you may work—and what type of work you may do.

In fact, there’s something called the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). According to this Act, you must be at least 14 years old for most work. However, you can do some types of work no matter what your age. These jobs include:

Youth Rules!

The United States Department of Labor has even set up a website especially for you. It’s called Youth Rules! You’ll find lots of information about the types of jobs that you're allowed to do and much more. The rules vary by age group, so click here to find your age group and get started.

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