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What does it meant to spend your money smartly? For one thing, it means that just because you have some money, you don’t have to spend it. To spend smartly also means to:

Come up with a budget for how you’ll spend your money – When you come up with a budget (or make a plan) for spending your money, you’ll have a guide to help you not to waste your money. Click here for tips.

Comparison shop to find out who has the best price for the items you want
– When you comparison shop you don’t spend any money. Instead, you see how much money different stores charge for the same product. One way to comparison shop is to read the ads and sales paper that different stores have. You can also look at different stores’ Web sites. That way you can see how much something will cost before you go to the store.

Keep track of how much you spend – Whether you use checks or cash, you should know how much money you spent. When you shop, write down how much you spent and what you spent it on. Click here for some tips on using checks.

Not shop just for something to do Some people go shopping when they’re bored, and you know what? They often end up spending lots of money that they didn’t plan to spend! True, there’s no harm in walking around the mall with your friends, but don’t take a lot of extra money with you. Instead, use the time to comparison shop or buy the one item that you really need.

Use coupons for products that you use any way – If you look through the newspaper on Saturday and Sunday, you’ll see lots of coupons. Coupons help you buy a product for a cheaper price. Of course, coupons won’t help you save money if you use them for products that you don’t need. But if you were planning to try a new product anyway, look for a coupon. That way, you can save money and try something new !

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